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If there was one thing in your business you wish you had organised, would it be your standard operating procedures and systems? 

A google site is an efficient way to store all of your protocols, procedures, video trainings, and everything you need to run your business. It is a free site, no hosting costs, no web developer having to fix issues. My job is to set it up for you and to show you how to add, and update as new procedures are introduced to your business.

Everything is stored in one place and you can search to find an item, you can link videos, photos, screenshots etc to make your step by step training for your team look professional and organised.

  • No more boring word documents.

  • No more bound documents that no-one ever reads.

  • No more people saying I didn’t know how to do that.

  • No more trying to train everyone individually.

From now on, all of your business processes are organise, alphabetised, searchable and specific to you. 

You can train new team members, give them time to familiarise themselves with your business and your processes.

It makes them feel like they know your business from the very first day they are employed with you.


Marketing is the most important thing your business needs right now!

I can support you with Google Ads, SEO and Marketing visuals that will help your business stand out from the crowd. You don’t need to be a creative genius, you don’t need to be a visual designer. I can do all of that for you.

Google ads and SEO are such an integral part of marketing, and I can assist you to get your business where you want it to be.

NEED HELP WITH supporting your practice manager?

  • Do you ever want your Practice Manager to hear what they need to hear from someone other than you?
  • Do you want your PM to be your 2IC and have your back?
  • Do you want your PM to understand the impact on the business if your clinicians aren;t full?
  • Do you want your PM to buy into your “why”?
  • I can help you with mentoring and training to improve time management, developing internal systems and developing work patterns to build your business and grow your team.




With clearly outlined policies and procedures, your team can understand what is expected of them, find the information without having to ask you, and will be able to come to you with a solution instead of a problem. New policies and procedures can be easily updated and added to the system as your business grows, changes and flourishes.


The way your business systems are set up can be showcased in one place. Once your site has been tailored to your business, you can add and change things as the business grows.  Every process in your business can be documented, videoed and stored to train, and on-board new team members. Everyone will know how to do everything in the business.


When a new team member starts in your business, all of the information they need to get to know your standard operating procedures is right here, all in one place. Your vision, mission, culture, everything. Give them access to the site, and they can learn at their own pace, sometimes even before they start in your business.


Having been a physio clinic owner for 18 years, to say I have worked out our business’ systems to optimise them over that period would be an understatement.

 I have worked with numerous consultants and coaches who say “you need systems” but they fail to explain the practicality and the how to of systems in my business.

 When Ruth Woollett started piecing together our business’ systems I could not imagine them being what she has built today.

Ruth has completed both Scarborough Physio and Health and Ultimate Physio internal Google Sites (intranets) to the highest level of proficiency and user friendliness that I have ever seen in my almost 20 years’ of business.

 Nothing even comes close to what Ruth has been able to create.

 She is a genius when it comes to creating systems that are customised to you, simple enough for your teams to use, and pragmatic enough to not confuse even the office junior.

 If you want to save time, money and hassle I would strongly recommend engaging Ruth Woollett to take charge of your systems and get them from out of your head into your team members’ heads.

Nick Schuster

Founder, Ultimate Physio & Scarborough Physio

I just want to also say how much I appreciate you doing this work.  Yes, I know its paid for (!), but if this delivers what I believe it can – not just a collection of useful information but an actual framework of how our company operates and intends to grow – I do believe this will be one of the single most important things we can do to consolidate and progress our company along. 

really think you are on a winner with this service, Ruth, and you will quickly need to take on a small team of your own to keep up with demand!

Our Google Site gives us a framework of how our company operates and intends to grow. It’s an asset that adds value to our business in both a practical sense and in sale price when the time is right. I couldn’t recommend Flourish any more highly! 

Darren Stuchberry

Owner, 6S Physio

Ms Ruth Woollett’s mentorship program is ABSOLUTELY a must for success driven PMs. Amazing input. Experience based advice. Solutions and goal setting guides that are achievable. Looking forward to more helpful tools.


Practice Manager


The build the Ultimate Physio clinic 9 month course hosts all of their content on an intra-net site so that participants can find all of the information and resources they need to complete the course in one place. It is searchable, user friendly and easy to navigate your way around.

Champion Health are a Slacks Creek based clinic who want to streamline their systems and on-boarding processes for team members, so all of the policies, procedures and ‘un-written rules’ of their business are easy to access and update as they need to. They wanted something that could be accessed from anywhere that is easy to use.

6S Physio have a couple of locations. They have always had systems but most of it stayed in the business owner’s brain. They wanted to get the information out and into useable platform so they could store everything in one place, on-board their new team members easily access their systems and procedures.


Get in touch to talk about a solution for your business. I can streamline your processes in an easy to use format, or click the choose an option button now.